As a fashion and lifestyle photographer I have been traveling the world photographing handsome men for over a decade. On a shoot in Miami several years back, I met a Spanish model who was handsome, but what stood out was that he had the most incredibly sexy voice.

Over the next few days, I would keep asking him to speak and say different things, and each time, all the women - both on and off set - would swoon. At the end of the shoot, as a joke, my fashion stylist asked him to record a romantic message for me, in English, and then one in Spanish. Back home in New York, I played it for all my friends and every woman, without exception, broke into a smile.

And that was the start of my idea for the MORNING MAN®...


As a divorced working mother oftwo young children and a busy commercial photographer, my schedule is hectic, and I often find myself waking early and going to bed late. The chirping/whistling/ringing alarms on my iPhone were not making my pre-dawn mornings any more cheery. So in remembering how that sweet message of the Spaniard lifted my spirits, I thought to myself why not have that message wake me up in the morning?

I searched for months to find the perfect voices from men all around the world. I listened to hundreds of men, and spent hours (being woken up!), hunting for that perfect combination of sweet, romantic, sexy.... From the enthusiastic response that the MORNING MAN® has received so far, I think that I found some heartbreakers :)

Please try my app and let me know what you think!   

xo Grace